About Us

Since the inception of Dead Center Archery Products in the heart of Pennsylvania, our 100% USA made products have been precision eingineered with the highest attention to detail, integrity and quality control resulting in a truly superior product. Archery is a sport of dedication and commitment and that is exactly what we stand for. Over the years we have continued to innovate and refused to compromise. We have spent countless hours with the research and develompent of new products to meet the needs of today's top archers and bowhunters. We have expanded our machining and manufacturing abilities to facilitate the rapid growth that Dead Center has experienced for three years straight. We are proud to offer the result - our most innovative and complete product line to date.
Whether you strive for the podium or to bag the trophy of a lifetime, Dead Center Archery Products shares your passion. It is our mission to create the highest quality archery products that elevate your performance and exceed your expactations. 

Dead Center Archery Products company photo